Training on Social Health Insurance and Health Care Financing - Ethiopia

by admin posted Oct 08, 2015


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The Graduate School of Public Health of Seoul National University and the WHO Collaborating Centre of Health System and Financing (Director: Prof. Soonman Kwon) in collaboration with the Korean foundation for international health (KOFIH) offered  a training  to the Ethiopian Health Insurance agency officers and experts. 

The training program, consisting of lectures and site visits, was provided from 17 June 2015  to 1 July 2015 to 6 participants from the Ethiopian health insurance agency head office and branches. The training aimed to strengthen the competency of the trainees by sharing advanced health insurance and administrative knowledge and skills to contribute to the Ethiopia’s health insurance system. Eight professors in different areas of health policy and insurance participated in the training as lecturers.
Lectures  included:
- Financial resource generation,  Financial resource pooling and purchasing
- Benefit Package decision, Payment system for providers, Health care delivery system
- Economic evaluation, Financial protection and equity
- Pharmaceutical policy
- Health Care Management and Communication, 
- How to achieve universal coverage.
- Operation of the National Health Insurance Service (at NHIS);    
- Operation of the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (at HIRA) 

After the training program in Korea, Prof. Soonman Kwon and Asmamaw Atnafu (doctoral student) visited  Ethiopia from 10 August 2015 to 15 August 2015 to provide on-site mentorship both at the head office of the health insurance agency and branch offices, and to  make  site visits to primary and secondary health care facilities in Ethiopia. During the mentoring, they had several meetings and discussions with Ethiopian officials in the Ministry of Health and Directors of the Ethiopians health insurance agency. They also visited a branch health insurance agency, community-based health insurance sites, health centers and hospitals in Ethiopia. Throughout the mentoring, Prof. Kwon shared his plenty of consulting experience in developed and developing countries regarding health care financing and health insurance with the participants.

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